We understand that not everyone will be able to make it to the store or visit a local agent in their area to attend a fitting. This is why we have provided a self-measurement online instructions form below to follow, use a sewing tape measure (if you do not have one email and we will post you one), and ask someone else to help.

We highly recommend men get measured by a suit hire company or a menswear suit retailer.

NOTE: If supplied measurements are inaccurate, every effort will be made to meet your requirements. However this is not always possible due to heavy booking and therefore we accept no responsibility for incorrect information supplied to us.
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We do not accept responsibility for incorrect measurements supplied, replacement will mean increased courier fee.

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Measurement Instructions

A:  Neck (Measure around the neck, not to tight, you should be able to get a finger behind measuring tape)

B:  Chest (Measure under armpits, with arms at your side, flat hand behind the tape measure)

C:  Inner Arm (Measure from armpit to cuff of a well-fitting suit jacket)

D:  Outer Arm (Measure from shoulder seam to cuff of suit jacket)

E:  Waist (Measure tightly around waist where trousers sit. Do not measure over bulky clothing or trousers)

F:  Inner Leg (Measure from crotch to cuff of trousers, not jeans)

G:  Outer Leg (Measure from top of waistband to cuff, which should be just touching the floor)

H:  Shoe Size / Height (To give us an indication of your measurement accuracy)

Call Van Meer Suits on (06) 355 2416 or contact a local agent in your area!

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